The 3C-HF Score is a tool devised to assist health care professional in estimating survival for chronic heart failure patients at baseline and after intervention. The instrument is intended as an adjunct to clinical judgment for expert health professionals.

Patients should only use the 3C-HF score on line, assisted by the their own Doctor, General Practitioner, Internist or Cardiologist, who is able to correctly interpret the result and its effect on treatment.

The Heart Failure Center of Division 1 of Cardiology, Azienda Ospedaliera Papa Giovanni XXIII - Bergamo (Italy) is available for assistance or informations on the interpretation of the 3C-HF Score either by phone (+39-035-2673566) or e-mail (cardiologia@hpg23.it).

Patented (Italian Patent No. 0001407074)

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